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"Cassette" - DIR: David Irons - (2011)


Summertime 1986. Like a caged bird on the road to nowhere, ‘ROBYN’ is a young girl looking for a bigger place in the world, she finds this in phantasy figure ‘PHEONIX’ the leather-jacket-wearing, muscle car driving, lead singer in a punk band.



Robyn, identifying with Phoenix changes her clothes, friends & attitude, to transform herself into her new idol. In her new guise, we follow Robyn on her journey of disillusion as her identity unravels & unwinds around her to the complete meltdown of everything she has created.
















Cassette” is a film about becoming your idol, the death of one identity & the birth of another through the clothes worn and how popular culture/music/fashion are on a constant repeating loop...we are stuck on repeat.























The film was constructed to utilize visual storytelling through slick and stylish cinematography that defied its minuscule budget, with David taking full advantage of as many free locations as possible, and only spending money where it needed to be spent. 



















"Cassette" was David Irons first full-length feature film made with a budget of only £2000, knowing that he had no money and a crew consisting of three people, he acted as writer /cinematographer/ editor/ sound man and director. Sharing producing duties with the films lead actress Kelby Keenan.



The result is "a coming of age/surrealist teen movie" that earned an official selection at Idyllwild film festival and the Vegas VIFF! Film Festival and ultimately went onto win the grand prize at the festivals "No Budget Filmmaking" category. "Cassette" was picked up for distribution at the Cannes Film Festival .


Below are a collection of my short films, fashion films, music videos, online adverts and test shoots.

Roxi Drive & Nebula Black – " Breath You" (2020)

Night Waves: 1-minute trailer  - (2019) 

Night Waves: 30-second trailer  - (2019) 

Night Waves: Tiffany's Tale Audio Book  - (2019) 

Roxi Drive  Night Waves (Official video)  - (2019) - Music video.

Moonlight Flip- test shoot  - (2013) -

Night Waves: Kirsten's Theme test - (2019) - Music video.

Roxi Drive & Marvel83 - Stay With Me (Official video)  - (2018) - Music video.

Roxi Drive 'Girl on TV'  - (2018) - Music video.

Roxi Drive 'Human'  - (2017) - Music video.

Roxi Drive 'See It In Your Eyes'  - (2017)


Music video.

Roxi Drive 'Run All Night'  - (2017)


Music video.

MINNEAPOLIS d r e a m P L A Z A Vaporwave - chris††† - 平野  - a e s t h e t i c  - (2017)


Music video.

"Netflix & Kill" - DIR: David Irons - (2015)

Online Netflix ad.

"7 WINTERS ALONE" - DIR: David Irons - (2014)

"A young girl stranded for seven years in a desolate post nuke future tries to find a way to communicate with someone or something again.

"Our Time" - DIR: Lucy Drive & David Irons - (2013)

"It’s summer time 1987. Paul, a twelve-year-old aspiring filmmaker whose hero is Steven Spielberg meets Becky, the mysterious girl that moves on to his street and changes his life forever."

"Train Ride" - DIR:  David Irons - (2012)

Short film.

"Metamorphosis"   - DIR:  David Irons - (2010)

Fashion short

"Lens Test" - DIR:  David Irons - (2012)

"Meet/Kiss/Kill" - DIR:  David Irons - (2007)

Super-8 Short.

"Its Real" High School Massacre  - DIR:  David Irons - (2015)

Music Video

"Anime Dance" - DIR:  David Irons - (2012)

Test film.

"The Horror of Hanging Woods" - DIR:  David Irons - (1999)

The first film I ever made on a Hi-8 camera in 1999.

"Running Away" Snow Fox  - DIR:  David Irons - (2014)

Music Video

"No Apologies" Seize the Day  - DIR:  David Irons - (2015)

Music Video

"Casting Call" - DIR:  David Irons - (2010)

"Winter 1979. Terry a film director sits waiting for an actress to audition for a low budget horror movie.  Upon her arrival everything is not as it seems, as Terry discovers you can never believe everything you see."


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