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"Creepy and infectious. Irons takes a simple arcade game and creates anarchy

from the arcane." – Lee Murray, award-winning author of INTO THE MIST.

"A deliriously delicious mash-up of nastiness and nostalgia -- as packed with

retro '80s charm as it is with flesh-ripping terror." – Peter Atkins writer of HELLRAISER II, III, & IV

"Irons masterfully morphs the pixelated charms of the '80s arcade into electrocuted

innocence and no-holds-barred horror. Let the game begin!" – Kelly Dunn — MUTATION NATION

"David Irons is a no-holds-barred, seize-you-by-the-throat horror writer who delivers

fun and fright in equal measure! And you can quote me on that." 

– Stephen Woodworth, author of the New York Times bestseller THROUGH VIOLET EYES


David Irons is an award-winning filmmaker and writer living in West Sussex. His films, colourful and stylish in design, have won awards at the Cambridge Film festival, Las Vegas VIFF festival, and LA Independent Festival for cinematography, editing, writing and directing. '7 Winters Alone' - a sci-fi, horror short - was a winner in David Lynch’s Short Film Competition in 2014.

In 2019 David has his first novel Night Waves published by Cosmic Egg books, followed by Night Creepers and Polybius in 2020 from Severed Press and Hard Copy Games.


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